The roller-coaster ride of a multisport athlete

The highs and lows in a multisport athlete’s life and training are comparable to a roller-coaster: up-down, fast-slow. We all have that moment: we question our training our goals and possibly at times the point of going for the run, cycle or swim session. We find an excuse, justify not doing it for some reason or flat out feel we don’t have the energy. This is a normal problem. Unless you are taking something that […]

do I need a coach whistle

Do you need a coach?

Is getting a coach for you? How will a coach help? The Myth Only the pros need coaching The Reality You do not need to […]
protein powder enigma slider

The Protein Enigma

Most nutritionists agree that carbohydrate-rich foods are the important fuel to maintain blood glucose levels, during exercise and afterwards. But what about protein? High versus […]


Racing Madagascar 2016 preview start image Boogie Pilgrim

Racing Madagascar 2016

July 19, 2016 – July 24, 2016

The debut Racing Madagascar is an annual 155km six-day trail running stage race from 19-24 July 2016 that is aimed at trail enthusiasts looking for an endurance challenge in a unique part of our planet, and also wanting to balance their adventure with a socio-environmental component.

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    trail run aQuellé Hermannsburg Mudman 2016

    Hermannsburg Mudman 2016 report

    Mudman means teamwork An African proverb says: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it takes a school community to put on a successful Mudman. Many months of preparation and hard worked paid off, and on Saturday 6 February, the aQuellé Hermannsburg Mudman  – the first in this year’s prestigious Mudman Series – was again both unforgettable and outstanding. The family-oriented multisport event attracted over 300 athletes who brought along family and friends […]

    TRAIL 18 Christiaan Greyling magazine cover

    What’s in TRAIL 18?

    Get competitive against Europeans. We asked top Euro runners, and South Africans who've raced in Europe, to find five keys to trail success. Need a […]

    Nic Bourne and Carocap: a rare African double

    Few can claim to have crossed Africa, the world’s second-largest continent, using only muscle power. But Briton Nicholas Bourne has done it twice, bottom to […]

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